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“Passion for wine originates from love for the land

that is passed on from generation to generation.

From the union between traditional knowledge and modern technology,

born our wines,

an expression of the terroir and the hands that work it.”

Sincere and austere wines, faithful to the vintages and to their territory of origin, the result of the perfect combination between people and their land. At the Canalicchio the classic interpretation of Sangiovese gives life to wines of character, elegant and powerful at the same time, an emblem of the work of those peasants and their expert hands. Pure and consistent wines that bring with them their history, the genuineness of this land and of the people who take care of it. Each wine tells a story made of fatigue, under the scorching sun and the harsh winters, of passion, of dusty hands and dirty shoes of earth, but also of “benfinite”, the scent of must and toasts with friends.

The harvest is the moment of culmination, where everything is decided: each bunch is the summary of the work done in the vineyard, of continuous attention and respect towards the earth.

The journey will then continue in the cellar where the wine will ripen and will be cocoaed enhancing the terroir, in search of quality and elegance. Intransigent the choice to vinify in a traditional way, with reasoned and prolonged maceration on the skins and long refinements in medium-large oak barrels.
A strict selection of grapes with limited yields, lower than what is required by the specifications, underline the company’s main goal of focusing on high quality.


A wine capable of challenging time, elegant and balanced, with intense aromas, austere finesse and perfect roundness. It is a production limited only to really excellent years, through a rigorous selection of the grapes. Respecting the land deeply, it is the best expression of quality of Sangiovese Grosso di Montalcino. A rare diamond that will surprise even the most demanding palates and that, with its great structure and persistence, will lead you on an exceptional sensorial journey. Ideal combination for the great aromatic and tasty Tuscan dishes, like red meats, game and stews, or great wine for meditation. More


A Brunello dedicated to Rosildo Pacenti, pioneer of the family winery who strongly believed in the potencial of the vineyards in this land. Powerful body and elegant drinking, harmonious and balanced, it is a class wine, expression of its territory. Intense, rich and persistent, juicy and penetrating in the palate with strong and velvety tannins which envelop with warmth and softness. A personality wine perfect to be aged for many years, enjoyable in its evolutions, needs to be paired with rich and tasty dishes like red meats and game. More


Body, depth, longevity are the characteristics of this flagship of Italian enology, the company's emblem. Wine of great expressive rigor, with a noble character, endowed with an elegant timbric, daughter of the terroir of origin, able to grasp the various nuances of the territory. Harmonious and complex, it envelops the palate with an incredible persistence, achieving perfect maturation with an evolution of a few years. Perfect match with the typical dishes of the rich and tasty Tuscan tradition, like red meats, game and aged cheeses. More


Comes from the heart the Rosso di Montalcino DOC “Gemma” 2015, a limited edition of only 1773 bottles. The result of a perfect harvest, it expresses its own identity linked to the terroir and the vintage, a wine of character just like little Gemma. More


Known as the younger brother of Brunello, but which expresses its own identity strongly linked to the terroir, it is a young wine that combines the structure with vivacity and freshness. Thanks to its drinkability and harmony, it shows a vibrant fragrance on the palate and pleasantness that will delight you with every taste, combining it with classic Tuscan first courses and contadina soups. More