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“At the Canalicchio the Sangiovese is naked,

authentic people and the countryside,

speaking in the nakedness of the wines and in the veracity of the souls,

proudly reflects its beauty.”

10 hectares of Sangiovese Grosso, interpret the true essence of this vine in a historic area, capturing its peculiarities and nuances, maintaining its typicality and combining manual work with the use of technologies, respecting traditions handed down from generation to generation.

The company’s vineyards, exposed to the north-east with an altitude of around 300 meters above sea level, rest at the foot of the Montalcino hill.
Planted on medium-clay soils with a low density of vines per hectare, they are divided into six plots with an average age of 25 years and are bred in spurred cordon.

The meticulous and punctual agronomic management, with the help of weather stations and continuous monitoring in the field, allows the implementation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly phytoiatric defense. Finally, the attention and timeliness of interventions in the management of the foliage are aimed at balance and therefore a greater ability of plants to defend self.

In the Classic area of the Canalicchio, one of the most suitable for the denomination, the fresh microclimate favors an optimal, slow and gradual maturation, developing noble and elegant aromas in the wine.

Today practicing a precision viticulture, you get great grapes that are transformed in the most natural way, give life to wines with a strong territorial character, where the climatic trend is one of the distinguishing features of the various years.

The vineyards planted by Rosildo grow and were subsequently passed to Franco to today reach the hands of the 3 children. The dynamism of the transition from the old to the new and of practices through time and generations, mark the identity of Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio. The entire supply chain is in fact continued with love and dedication by Franco and his children, Lisa, Serena and Lorenzo.