“In the estate Franco Pacenti – Canalicchio,

still strong related to farming traditions,

a fine Extravirgin Olive Oil is produced.

At the base of the mediterranean diet, it is rich of vitamins and antioxidants,

it is a product rich of many virtues,

in particular, healty properties, as well as for the palate.”


In the small one hectar olive grove close to the new cellar, we grow three different typical tuscan olives varieties: Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo, at 320 mt. above the sea level. Between the end of october and beginning of November, olives are picked by hand and cold pressed within 48 hours from the harvest in the closest mill, exclusively trough mechanical methods.

getting a fine extra virgin Olive oil. The characteristics of the fruits, right harvest methods and a cold press are crucial for the final quality result. Extravirgin Olive Oil. Ideal to prepar typical tuscan dishes, is perfect just prseed. We suggest to use as dressing to appreciate its properties, however it is perfect to cook and fry.


Production area: Montalcino – località Canalicchio, 320 mt. Above sea level

Olives varieties: local tuscan varieties as Frantoio, Leccino e Moraiolo

Harvest: handmade, between the end of October and the beginning of November

Extraction method: Olives are cold pressed within 48 hours from the harvest

Colour: green with golden tints

Organoleptic characteristics: intense, fruity and fresh nose. Bittery, peppery notes in the palate with a touch of green leaves of artichoke that become delicate with the natural evolution

Food pairing: uncooked, used for dressing, with bruschette, soups, vegetables and salads, grilled fish and meats. Good as well as oil for cooking and frying.

Preservation: keep at room temperature (15-25 °) away from light and heat sources and avoid excessive exposure to air

Sizes bottles produced: bottle 0,50 l | can 3 l | can 5 l